When you sell your property in Scotland

When you sell your property in Scotland with We Buy Any House Direct, you are tapping into the experience and expertise we have accumulated all these years. We Buy Any House Direct is staffed by some of UK’s most experience and competent property experts and our team makes it their mission to offer an innovative approach to the process of selling properties. At We Buy Any House Direct, we have mastered the art of selling properties in the UK. Armed with experience and expertise, our team incorporates traditional estate agency, trade sales, and property auctions seamlessly together to ensure that we complete the sale of your property in the shortest time while delivering maximum value via our property auctions scotland.

At We Buy Any House Direct, we are at the forefront of the real estate business and utilises the modern tools of technology to help us achieve 100% customer satisfaction. For instance, we use Rightmove, S1homes and Zoopla to formulate online strategies focused on the quick sale of properties. Our methods are tried, tested and we deliver stunning results.  Where circumstances allowed, a

We Buy Any House Direct quick sale can typically be completed and a seller can have cash his bank account in as little as 7 days.

How to Spot ‘Buy My House’ Scams

Quick sale property companies have been at the receiving end of severe criticisms for exploiting property owners looking to sell. We advise you to be careful about whom you sell your property to. Two common scams to take note of are:

  • A quick sale company making a very high offer for your property and then chipping off the price a the very last minute when you are at your most desperate to complete the sale.
  • Quick sale companies or people who claim to be cash buyers, but are simply passing your sales enquiry to other companies. These companies or individuals have no resources, whatsoever, to connect you with potential buyers who are as keen to sell as you are to buy.

Hence it is important that you research the property companies you are considering to deal with, to ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy. Consider real estate companies that are willing to make the process transparent and are willing to answer any questions you might have about the process. Seek testimonials if you are unsure.

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